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Weekly Schedule
Week of 5/21/18
Cold War Notes
Week of 5/14/18
Arab/Israeli Conflict Videos
Week of 5/7/18
One Day in Auschwitz
WWI-WWII Extra Credit
Week of 4/30/18
Allies Win the War
World War II Guided Reading Debrief
Week of 4/23/18
Dictator Debrief
Totalitarian Leaders
Road to World War II Video
Week of 4/16/17
Nationalism in Africa and ME
Week of 4/9/18
Red Flag (watch until 21:34)
What is Communism Prezi
Week of 3/26/18
The War to End All War
Week of 3/19/18
MAIN Causes
Week of 3/12/18
Meiji Stations Debrief
Imperialism in China
Week of 3/5/18
Scramble for Africa Notes
Week of 2/26/18
Week of 2/19/18
Socratic Seminar Preparation - Jasinski
Week of 2/12/18
Unit 1 Extra Credit Opportunity
Week of 2/5/18
Industrial Revolution Documentary
Week of 1/29/18
Week of 1/22/18
Congress of Vienna
Italian Unification
Welcome Survey